Facts and Questions



In order to use a ZEPLUG charger, a driver can pull up, plug in, scan the QR code sticker or open the ZEPLUG mobile app, and begin charging! By downloading the ZEPLUG app, you will have access to additional smart charging capabilities.

Yes! Our charging solution is able to be utilized by any EV or hybrid vehicle and it will always be cheaper for hybrid owners to charge at a ZEPLUG station than to fill up at a nearby gas station. If a property would like to restrict access to only its tenants, we can set permissions on the software that limit access to certain groups.

Although many shared charging options are first-come, first-serve, the ZEPLUG mobile app allows drivers to create reservations if they are worried about availability. The mobile app also helps drivers identify the locations and availability of ZEPLUG chargers.


ZEPLUG incurs this cost. If low-voltage is available onsite, we can directly subscribe a meter from your local utility and work directly with them to manage the electricity. If only high-voltage is available, we will tap into your existing electrical paneling. In this case, the property can invoice us quarterly for the electricity used by the chargers which will be calculated by a submeter.

Nope. ZEPLUG will never charge additional fees if chargers don’t hit a usage threshold. We understand that people don’t always need to charge and we would never penalize properties for wanting to offer a needed amenity.

We will conduct a study on the geographical location of the property to see what EV adoption rates are close to in the area. We can also send property management teams a survey to send to their tenants in order to closer gauge the demand onsite.

With our software, we have the ability to set session limits and overstay fees if a specific property would like to add more restrictions. Many properties choose to utilize an end-user payment model that includes time plugged into the charger. This alone will also incentivize drivers to move their cars when their charge is complete.


There are always variables for every site that we need to take into consideration when planning our installation timeline (i.e. type of parking structure, earthwork, utility limitations, conduit paths, etc.). For a property that does not yet have EV charging infrastructure installed by ZEPLUG, an installation process will typically take 4-7 weeks. If we have already installed chargers and a property is looking to scale the solution, this process only takes about 2 weeks on average.

ZEPLUG offers 11.5 kW-rated, L2 charging.

Chargers can be both wall and pedestal mounded. In structured settings, a wall mounted charger typically makes the most sense. If chargers are installed in open air lots, pole- or pedestal-mounted are often a better option.

ZEPLUG chargers are able to endure tough outdoor elements through all seasons. They are NEMA 4 rated with an operating temperature range from -31 degrees to 122 degrees Farenheit.