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It’s easy to use a Zeplug charger! Once an available charging station is identified, a driver can pull up, plug in, scan the QR code sticker or open the Zeplug mobile app, and begin charging! By downloading the Zeplug app, you will have access to additional smart charging capabilities.

Yes! Our charging solution is able to be utilized by any EV or hybrid vehicle and it will always be cheaper for hybrid owners to charge at a Zeplug station than to fill up at a nearby gas station.

Although many shared charging options are first-come, first-serve, the Zeplug mobile app allows drivers to create reservations in advance. The mobile app also helps drivers identify the locations and availability of all of the publicly available chargers on the Zeplug network (also available on PlugShare).

Electricity cost is determined based on the state that the charging station resides in and the electricity providers in that state. Depending on the state and battery capacity of the electric vehicle or hybrid, it would cost a user approximately $15 – $20 to charge their car from 0% to 100%.

The Zeplug mobile app is available on both Apple and Android App Stores. The app allows users to reserve a charging spot in advance, monitor their charging session remotely, and enable push notifications that will inform the user when their vehicle is fully charged.


Unlike our competitors, Zeplug invests in the entirety of the solution – including capital expenses, operational costs, and maintenance expenses.

We will conduct a study on the geographical location of the property to see what EV adoption rates are close to in the area. We can also send property management teams a survey to send to their tenants in order to closer gauge the demand onsite.

Zeplug incurs this cost. If low-voltage is available onsite, we can directly subscribe a meter from your local utility and work directly with them to manage the electricity. If only high-voltage is available, we will tap into your existing electrical paneling. In this case, the property can invoice us quarterly for the electricity used by the chargers which will be calculated by a submeter. Property management will be given access to our backend portal in order to view electricity consumption rates and totals.

Nope. Zeplug will never charge additional fees if chargers don’t hit a usage threshold. We understand that people don’t always need to charge and we would never penalize properties for wanting to offer a needed amenity.

Zeplug’s app will notify end users when their vehicle is fully charged via push notification.

With Zeplug’s software, we have the ability to set session limits and overstay fees if a specific property would like to add more restrictions. Many properties choose to utilize an end-user payment model that includes time plugged into the charger. This alone will also incentivize drivers to move their cars when their charge is complete.

To prevent non-EV cars from parking in EV charging spaces, Zeplug will install signage indicating that the spot is dedicated for EV charging. Zeplug asks that the property enforces towing of non-EVs parked in such spaces.

Prior to any installation, Zeplug wants to work with property management to ensure that the site is a good fit for a Zeplug charging station. Zeplug will review initial property criteria before scheduling a site visit. If following internal analysis we are not able to make an investment in a particular property, then we will recommend different solutions to management.

Once a contract is signed, installation will take roughly 3-6 months. For locations with existing infrastructure looking to expand their EV charging solution, installation will likely take only 1-2 months.

Typically, contracts with Zeplug are 5 years in length. Contract terms can be flexible, however, and termination can be given with 3 months notice for any reason whatsoever. In the history of our company, there hasn’t been a single instance where Zeplug has terminated a contract on its end. We want to ensure that end users always have access to this amenity, and as such we are willing to work with our clients to apply our solution in a way that fits their unique needs.


Zeplug offers 11.5 kW-rated, L2 charging.

L2 charging is the current industry standard, and right now there does not appear to be a pressing need for L3 charger development. Zeplug will be at the forefront of the EV charging industry and will continue to assess demand. We want to find whatever solution will be the most economical for the end user.

Chargers can be both wall and pedestal mounded. In structured settings, a wall mounted charger typically makes the most sense. If chargers are installed in open air lots, pole- or pedestal-mounted are often a better option. Zeplug will work with each property to find a solution that meets their unique needs.

Zeplug chargers are able to endure tough outdoor elements through all seasons. They are NEMA 4 rated with an operating temperature range from -31 degrees to 122 degrees Farenheit.

Zeplug’s mobile app is powered by EVGateway, a leading provider of EV charging software. Zeplug is a hardware-agnostic company, allowing us to work with different hardware manufacturers in order to better fit the unique needs of each property. We work with hardware providers such as Siemens, BTC-Power, enel x, Atom Power, and more.

Depending on the hardware that is installed, chargers will either have built-in SIM cards for LTE connection or Zeplug will install routers for the chargers to connect to via Wi-Fi.

Zeplug is able to monitor the status of its charging network daily. If any charging stations are encountering problems or are unavailable, we will be able to address issues within 48 hours. For any on-site maintenance, Zeplug will work with its local maintenance team.


For technical support, please contact: techsupport@zeplug.com

For all other inquiries, please contact: info@zeplug.com