Electric car charging is coming to your parking space

Zeplug's electric car charging offer is as flexible as a cell phone plan!

In partnership with Hines, Zeplug offers you convenient and flexible workplace charging for your EV through no-commitment, monthly all-inclusive plans.

Choose your plan

Choose your mileage

40 Amps

45 miles charged per hour*

5,000 miles per year

$ 49 Per month

12,000 miles per year

$ 79 Per month

20,000 miles per year

$ 109 Per month

Choose your plan

There are no other fees. Everything is included.

* Based on an average consumption of 4 miles per kWh. Depends on each vehicle’s actual energy consumption.


Charging stations are manufactured in the U.S. by Enel X.

The charging stations will be placed on the tenant’s parking spaces that are closest to the building’s main power source. For specific spaces not located next to these, extra fees might apply.

New subscription includes access to a smartphone app to easily check your consumption.

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Zeplug is the first operator for electric vehicle (EV) charging at home, especially in collective buildings, and in the workplace.